Banking options for the live casino online Singapore

The website for the live online casino has the best and the convenient method to deposit, transfer and withdraw money. In order to make transactions safe, secure and reliable, there are certain Banking options for each user member. However, to proceed with the options, the member must have a registered account in a national bank of Singapore. However, the same members who log in the casino games in singapore website to play the casino will need to have the same user name as that of the banking name.

The Banking options of the website say that the same registered name on the website must have a bank account in his name. This is compulsory to have transactions and proceed with the game. The money in your bank account will transfer and deposit in the wallet. Hence, the wallet in your user account will consider playing the game of your choice. This means that a member even if log in member cannot play any game from the website without having the minimum amount requirements.

You can make a withdrawal from your wallet for once in a day. However, the processing time for withdrawal, deposits or transfer will depend on the availability of network connections in the bank. This means the Banking options are subject to the availability of your internet baking. The maximum transaction limits of the amount from the account also depend on the number of daily transaction. However, a member can have limited withdrawal of one transaction per day.

However, the Banking options have certain requirements for withdrawal of the amount. Large withdrawal of amount will consume more processing time and hence, to avoid inconvenience, a member can opt for a small amount. Withdrawals also restrict for those members who need to fulfil the rollover amount and bonuses. After depositing to the wallet, it is advisable to retain the receipts and reference number as a proof of deposit.

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