Services or Characteristics of Light My Safe light gun safes and vaults

We produce the best and quality vault lighting and gun lighting kit. One of the vault is TAC-1575 vault. You are able to enjoy the superior gun safe led lighting option in America. Custom made to fit all producers with easy and easy installation. The TAC-1575 Vault Lighting Kit includes 60-inches of Bright LED Light, your choice of a plug or battery power supply, an automated motion switch and crystal clear male or female cable augmentation for a flexible setup. In any case, it has pre-cut velcro strips lined in 3m glue for organic rising. Modular Layout can enlarge up to 7 LED Light Bars.

Most prominently, we assure whilst choosing our products, you too can have an installed lighting system that is efficiently. No alteration, no fussing in addition to no tools are necessary. Require one month, and if you’re not pleased and satisfied or with issues, we’ll fix it right or respectably refund your money. To get more details on top vault lighting 2019 kindly go to top vault lighting 2019. If you need help, we’ve committed customer service professionals. They can assist you in locating the accurate lighting solution for you. All we want is the measurements as depth, width, and height of your safe.

We’ve got theft and fire replacement solutions. Light My Safe, LLC will swap any light kit that was spoiled by fire or stolen by forced entry owing to an illegal attempt for the duration of the first buyer. The accountability of Light My Safe, LLC in this guarantee is limited to repair or interrogate of the damaged part at the prudence of Light My Safe, LLC.

The advantages of our lightings are pencil-thin 12mm outer diameter matches without bending bolt obstruction. Jeweller tubing allows angle alterations. Each light is wired individually with resistant male/female plugs. They’ve 525 lumens flux per light, and 6500k cool white L.E.D.’s jeweller tubes are completed with optical-grade polycarbonate. Lights are shipped with peel-protective movie and have a lifetime guarantee.

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